Ultimate is back, and our priority is to keep our players as safe as we can. Anyone who attends Zero Degrees events MUST read and agree to the following guidelines:

  • All attendees MUST sign up for the event on Facebook, as this will help us message the correct people for contact tracing
  • Ensure you complete the Google Form with your full name and working telephone number. These will be maintained for 90 days and passed on to the government Test and Trace program if required.
  • DO NOT attend if you feel unwell with any of the known COVID symptoms
  • No touching: No high fives, no hugs, and no hand shaking
  • Clean your disc before training. Bring something to disinfect your disc regularly throughout the session. If you feel there is a need to clean the disc during play, raise a hand and treat it as a normal stoppage in play (like a time out)
  • Do not shout calls (fouls, “up!”, etc) on the field while in close proximity to others
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it often
  • Avoid touching your face, clearing your nose, or spitting
  • Bring your own water, and do not share with others
  • Maintain 2m distance while off the field
  • On the field, maintain 1m distance whenever possible, and 2m if facing an opponent (while marking for example)
  • Should your marker be closer than 2m, proactively remind them to step back. Repeated violations will result in stopping the training to review these guidelines.
  • Our COVID-19 risk assessment
  • Our COVID-19 policies
  • Covid Officer: Matthew McFeeley